How to Buy a Great Cheap Gaming Laptop for Below $500

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You may well be on the lookout for one, but the challenging truth of the matter is: the best low cost gaming laptop less than $500 does not exist—except on eBay, which is the only spot the place $500 can get you a genuine gaming laptop with appropriate a one-year guarantee.

This write-up clarifies why employed gaming laptops charge quite tiny, and we’ll wander you via the procedure of acquiring a low cost gaming laptop that isn’t finish junk.

Why Are Made use of Laptops So Cheap?

Moore’s Law

What Is Moore’s Law, And What Does It Have To Do With You? [MakeUseOf Describes]

What Is Moore’s Law, And What Does It Have To Do With You? [MakeUseOf Describes]

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, loosely outlined, theorized that personal computers double in complexity (and pace) every single two years. But Moore’s Law died all-around 2012. Considering that then, each and every next processor technology observed declining advancements. In short: personal computers are not obsoleting as speedy any longer. (In point, if you own a sluggish laptop, it in all probability requires malware removing

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The Finish Malware Removing Tutorial

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Just like CPUs, graphics processors (or GPUs)—the heart and soul of a gaming rig—aren’t obtaining substantially speedier both.

More mature Graphics Processors Are Still Quick

Recreation builders know superior than any person that personal computers are not obtaining substantially speedier. Look at cost-free-to-enjoy games, like Fortnite. The demanded hardware isn’t just old—it’s a midrange graphics processor from 2012. Even AAA titles, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, only will need an historic GTX 660 GPU.

But how do you know which laptop GPU can run a match?

Which Laptop GPUs Are Truly worth Obtaining?

Every single two years, Nvidia releases a new graphics processor architecture and they give it a title. The final 3 significant releases were as follows:

Maxwell (2014): Maxwell represented a important functionality enhancement more than the former technology, Kepler. Maxwell observed all-around 20% superior gaming functionality, even however it employed the exact technological innovation node. Maxwell processors have a seven, eight, or 9 at the entrance of their title.

Pascal (2016): Pascal represented an unusually big bounce in functionality more than Maxwell thanks to its denser 14nm technological innovation node. Pascal processors have a ten in the entrance of their title, like the Nvidia GTX tenfifty.

Turing (2018): For the applications of gaming, Turing offers a tiny functionality gain. Turing processors have a 20 in entrance of their title, like the GTX 20sixty.

Of the 3 architectures, the best bang-for-your-buck on eBay is Maxwell. Pascal and Turing are much too new and pricey on employed marketplaces. And Kepler, from 2012, is starting to get significantly less consideration from builders.

Nvidia’s Maxwell Is a Great Deal

Maxwell was created especially all-around functionality-for each-watt, an gain for laptops. Its previous reputation also helps make it significantly less pricey on employed marketplaces, like eBay.

On a cell gaming laptop, the most vital portion is the GPU. But sellers not often checklist the graphics processor in the title of the auction—which qualified prospects to employed gaming laptops promoting for significantly less than what they’re well worth.

How to Detect a Maxwell GPU on Gaming Laptops

As mentioned earlier, eBay sellers not often checklist the graphics processor. That implies you are going to will need to glance that facts up oneself.

Maxwell GPUs are determined by an eight or 9 at the entrance of its product quantity. For instance, glance at a previous midrange GPU, the GTX 950M:

The second quantity in a GPU product quantity implies its electricity. For instance, the GTX 950M about equals the modern Nvidia MX150, which is today’s entry-stage gaming GPU. And that implies the GTX 950M, or superior, is what you will need in a employed laptop.

How to Buy a Good Cheap Gaming Laptop for Under $500 nvidia 850m naming convention second digit 670x231

In circumstance you want a beefier GPU, a cell GTX 870M/970M equals a desktop-class Nvidia 1050Ti. And a GTX 880M/980M falls in between a 1050Ti and a GTX 1060.

Finding back to the Maxwell GTX 950M, it plays modern day games perfectly more than enough. In benchmarks, it equals the MX150—which is today’s entry-stage gaming GPU for laptops. Far more or significantly less, when you are acquiring from employed marketplaces, the GTX 850M or 950M are fantastic starting factors for a low cost gaming laptop. The benchmarks show it offers fantastic more than enough functionality on most cost-free-to-enjoy games, with out costing an arm and a leg.

Fortnite Benchmarks for the GTX 850M

Fornite operates at thirty+ frames-for each-second (FPS) on an Nvidia GTX 850M with medium options at 1080P. Which is the bare minimum suitable pace for most games:

For reference, the 950M is a bit superior than the 850M. But they are about equivalent to each and every other. What you really will need to pay back consideration to is something with a better tier.

So, though older cards are not point out-of-the-artwork, they complete like $600-800 laptops (for instance, the Acer E15, one of our favored laptops

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The Shortcomings of Obtaining a Made use of Laptop

There are some negatives to acquiring a employed laptop: Very first, aged technological innovation takes advantage of much more electricity so it necessitates a heavier cooling answer and a greater (and heavier) battery.

Next, and this is a big one, the hardware has 3 or four years of don and tear on it. Most factors are rather long lasting—with two exceptions: the lithium-ion battery and the challenging disc travel (approaches to use aged HDDs

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3rd-celebration warranties do deal with HDDs, but they do not cover laptop batteries. Even so, if you do buy a laptop with an HDD, I suggest replacing the HDD with a Solid Point out Push

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(SSD). And though laptops don’t will need a working battery, most laptop alternative batteries charge quite tiny.

Even though a guarantee isn’t demanded, specifically if you know how to get the job done on a laptop, it can give peace of head.

Warranties for Made use of eBay Laptops

3rd-celebration guarantee corporations employed to not deal with employed electronics acquired on eBay. Even so, eBay and SquareTrade partnered alongside one another and now present unique warranties on employed electronics.

How to Buy the Best Cheap Gaming Laptop on eBay

There are 3 fundamental measures to acquiring employed on eBay.

Stage one: Locate an More mature Prime-Ranked Gaming Laptop

Lookup the world-wide-web for phrases like “best gaming laptops of 2014” (2013 and 2015 also get the job done). One of the best low cost gaming laptops, for the dollars, is the Asus G750. But really any fantastic gaming laptop from this period performs high-quality.

How to Buy a Good Cheap Gaming Laptop for Under $500 search google best cheap gaming laptop 670x359

If you don’t like the G750, there are other examples of as soon as-well-known gaming laptops:

  • Alienware M14x
  • Razer Blade
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Y500
  • Alienware M18x

For the reason that it launched in between 2013-2014, the laptop comes with a Haswell quad-core CPU and wherever from an Nvidia Maxwell GTX 860M to a 970M GPU (avoid any 700-series GPUs). The normal employed price on eBay comes in for all-around $four hundred. But if you order an $eighty one-year SquareTrade guarantee, that comes out to significantly less than $500 for a gaming laptop which is substantially superior than something you could buy new in that price range.

Stage two: Lookup eBay Accomplished Listings

Now look for for that product on eBay. For instance, a look for for the Asus G750 returns dozens of outcomes.

However, when people offer their laptops they in many cases don’t describe graphics processor in the laptop. And due to the fact they don’t checklist the most vital portion of a low cost gaming laptop, that implies reduced selling prices for you.

But don’t buy it still. You will want to locate what the G750 offered for in the past—that will give you a fantastic idea of what the Asus G750 sells for right now.

How to Buy a Good Cheap Gaming Laptop for Under $500 asus g750 ebay purchase

After navigating to and looking for “Asus G750”, in the remaining column, less than Demonstrate only, verify the box for Accomplished Goods. These point out what selling prices people are acquiring identical laptops for.

How to Buy a Good Cheap Gaming Laptop for Under $500 ebay filters finding the best cheap gaming laptop 670x291

At the time you have an approximate price, select any auction available by a dependable vendor (our best eBay acquiring ideas

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) and buy it.

Stage three: Buy a Made use of Laptop Warranty at Checkout (Optional)

If you order using Buy It Now, you can also buy a SquareTrade guarantee. The guarantee has 3 vital prerequisites. Pay back very careful consideration.

Very first, the laptop should functionality at the time of order. Next, you have to use the Buy It Now choice on checkout. Indicating you can not buy a laptop applying a standard large-bid auction. Third, the guarantee does not deal with the lithium-ion battery. Fortuitously, laptop batteries are commonly quite easy and inexpensive to change. For instance, a G750 alternative battery (with a sizeable markup) fees quite tiny.

If the laptop meets these prerequisites, you are going to see the next information right after clicking on the Buy It Now button:

How to Buy a Good Cheap Gaming Laptop for Under $500 ebay buy it now cheap gaming laptop 670x458

The SquareTrade guarantee is overpriced, especially for a $four hundred laptop. But if you are not relaxed doing your own laptop repairs

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, it’s well worth the peace of head.

What is the Best Cheap Gaming Laptop?

Some people (not me) say that a “cheap gaming laptop” is an oxymoron or self-contradicting time period. Which is due to the fact new gaming laptops charge at least $600—and commonly much more. What all those people forgot is the employed marketplace.

The best low cost gaming laptop is constantly employed.

The significant negatives to acquiring older, employed laptops are not critical. Obtaining employed implies heavier laptops with larger ingredient don-and-tear, and larger battery drain—but you offset these challenges if you order a guarantee.

For quite a few light-weight esports titles—such as Fortnite, DOTA two, or even games like Grand Theft Vehicle V—the hardware prerequisites are pretty nominal. Even an Nvidia GTX 750M plays these games credibly perfectly, but go up a tier and you can even enjoy AAA games.

Additionally, observe that you can squeeze even much more functionality out of any laptop applying these ideas for increasing gaming functionality on any laptop

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