How to Block or Filter Tags on Tumblr

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Inarguably, Tumblr ranks suitable up among the craziest places on the web. You get all types of crazy things on your endlessly scrolling dashboard that can selection wherever from intelligent political satire to the newest motion picture spoilers. And pointless to say, some of them can keep you glued for hours or be downright irritating. Yes, Tumblr’s appeal lies in the reality that you never know what to assume, but can you do something about individuals posts that you really dislike?

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Fortunately, certainly you can. Tumblr utilizes tags to categorize posts, and most of the things is based on adopted weblogs and searches. But rather than unfollowing them, you can use the tags to filter particular forms of posts from ruining your working day. So devoid of additional ado, let us see how you ought to go about doing that. But initially, let us determine out how Tag Filtering works.

How Tag Filtering Operates

Just like with any other tagging process, Tumblr keeps things pretty easy. All those who post material can add relevant tags or develop ones from scratch to match what persons research. But irrespective, any weblogs that you actively adhere to can prompt Tumblr to pump out posts associated to tags that you never want to see wherever within your dashboard feed in the initially put.

To stop this from starting to be a trouble, Tumblr applied a filtering process a though ago. Filter a tag, and you immediately block all posts that include the same tag, even if they’ve got other tags included to them.

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Blocked posts, on the other hand, are not automatically hidden — you can continue to see placeholders on your dashboard. If you want, you can only click or tap the View Put up button to open the post within the dashboard sidebar. Pretty helpful if the posts are from a site that you know and like. Quite intuitive, suitable?

When it comes down to the method of filtering out tags, Tumblr allows you do that on a desktop, as very well as on the Android and iOS mobile applications. But do not worry. Your variations sync above, so you do not have to repeat your steps throughout platforms.

Filter a tag, and you immediately block all posts that include the same tag, even if they’ve got other tags included to them

If you are uncertain as to what tags to filter, check out the base of a bothersome post for the finish record of connected tags. Use your instinct to decide the tag that you will need to block. For case in point, if you see both equally the #starwars and #starwars spoilers tags in one post, pick out the latter to stop missing out on Star Wars posts that truly don’t have any spoilers in them.

Blocking Tags on Desktop

On a desktop, filtering tags involve a quick check out to the Options panel. Any variations to the dashboard feed are reflected straight away.

Phase 1: On the Tumblr dashboard, click the Account icon, and then click Options.

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Phase 2: Click the pencil-shaped Edit icon under the Filtering section, and then incorporate the tag that you want to block. When carried out, click the Include button.

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Be aware: Don’t enter the hash (#) symbol — Tumblr immediately fills it for you.

Phase 3. Insert any other tags that you want to block, and then head back to the dashboard. All posts associated to the filtered tags ought to now be hidden.

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Be aware: While you are at it, you can also block Not Safe For Get the job done (NSFW) posts by turning on the toggle future to Safe Mode.

Filtering Tags on Cellular

Your filtered tags on the desktop ought to sync suitable above to mobile. Nonetheless, you can continue to incorporate tags to the record from Tumblr’s Android or iOS applications very quickly.

Phase 1: On the Tumblr mobile application, faucet the Account icon. On the subsequent screen, faucet the cog-shaped Options icon.

Be aware: On the iOS version, you will need to find any one of your weblogs initially before you can see the Options icon. It won’t subject what site you pick out.

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Phase 2: Tap the solution labeled Typical Options, and then faucet Filtering.

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Phase 3: Tap the +New solution, and then enter the tag that you want to filter into the pop-up box. Repeat for any other tags that you want to block, and then head back above to the dashboard.

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Be aware: Just like on the desktop, you can block Not Safe For Get the job done (NSFW) material from demonstrating up by turning on the toggle future to Safe Mode.

Unfollow Aggravating Weblogs

At occasions, you may get tons of troublesome posts just due to the fact you adopted the erroneous site. And obviously, you won’t be able to just depend on tag filtering to stop looking at them. So, why not take into consideration unfollowing the site? It really is either that or shedding out on much better posts that have comparable tags from other weblogs.

If you are brave plenty of to take that choice, then only click the username of the site from within a post. You ought to then see the site loading to the facet of the dashboard. Simply click Unfollow, and you ought to be very good.

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Be aware: On mobile, you ought to faucet the Profile icon to convey up the Unfollow solution.

Groom Your Dashboard Well

The ability to filter or block tags is one of the most effective, however relatively not known, features on Tumblr. Once you’ve included some of the worst tags out there, you no for a longer period have to worry about looking at stupid posts or surprises on your dashboard. So what are you waiting for? Commence blocking them tags!

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