Chromecast PewDiePie hack exposes extensive-standing unpatched bug

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Exploiting a Chromecast bug which is been allegedly dismissed by Google for practically five yrs, a hacker has taken handle of thousands of users’ Chromecast-connected equipment.

Hacker Giraffe has remotely gained entry to the TVs and good equipment of tens-of-thousands of users and shown a pop-up that equally warns of the exploit and links to a webpage listing the latest range of affected equipment. 

Regardless of these seemingly noble intentions, the message also requires a probability to market controversial YouTube individuality, PewDiePie – a go this specific hacker has previously built by hijacking connected printers.

The bug has been dubbed CastHack and utilizes the Universal Plug and Engage in (UPnP) operation of some routers in get to remotely achieve entry to equipment connected on their regional networks.

Consequently, users are ready to block this kind of entry to their community by disabling UPnP on their router.

Instructing an old bug new tricks

While technically this most current hack is built doable via a security flaw in a users’ router, the exploit related to the Chromecast is a single that has been regarded because the 12 months the device released.

In 2014, security company Bishop Fox located that it could achieve handle of a Chromecast by disconnecting it from its latest Wi-Fi community in what is regarded as a “deauth” assault and reverting it to a factory condition. 

It was confirmed that the device was even now susceptible to these attacks in 2016 by Pen Check Partners, a different cybersecurity company.

While the preliminary deauth attacks expected the hacker to be in just range of the target’s Wi-Fi community, this new breed of assault can occur remotely in excess of the online, via the UPnP flaw previously mentioned. 

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